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I worked with Kelso Races for four years. I was responsible for an integrated campaign, including branding, marketing strategy, design, advertising, email marketing and media planning.

I redesigned their website and introduced online booking (which soon accounted for over 50% of their sales). Website visitor figures increased by 800%.

I also helped to market the racecourse as a venue for corporate events and weddings, to increase revenue beyond racedays.

A Sunday Times article had previously described Kelso Racecourse as “Britain’s friendliest ourse”.

Research we conducted with racegoers backd this up. Kelos Races had a reputation for being a friendlidy course.

So, it didn’t take a scientist to use ‘Britain’s Friendliest Course’ as their brand and their endline.

During our first full season together, I helped Kelso Races to achieve their highest average daily attendance for five seasons.

For the next two seasons, Kelso Races were the only racecourse in Scotland and Northern England to not be seriously affected by the recession (attendances down 2.9% compared with down 10.5-16.5%). In fact, Ladies Day saw their second highest one-day crowd for eighteen years.

I also helped to successfully target a younger audience, with under 35s increasing from 11% to 35% of the average raceday crowd.

These younger racegoers tend to come along in bigger groups, are more likely to invite new friends to future race meetings and are prone to spending more money on betting, drinks and hospitality packages, ensuring a healthier future for the racecourse.


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