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Giles created an integrated advertising campaign for the Edinburgh based hearing aid specialists.

As well as the creation and production of advertisements, Giles was also responsible for the strategic direction of the campaign and media planning and buying.

Giles produced a marketing plan for the year, enabling House of Hearing to budget properly, and effectively use marketing spend to raise awareness of the brand, attract new customers and increase sales.

The campaign included press, poster, radio, bus and taxi advertising. Giles also introduced advertising on taxi receipts, street bins and pharmacy bags, and put them on TV for the first time.

The same creative was used for TV and radio to keep production costs to a minimum.

The campaign was nominated for the ‘Best Integrated Campaign’, ‘Best Radio Ad’ and ‘Best Low Budget TV Commercial’ at the Scottish Advertising Awards.

More importantly, House of Hearing experienced their best year’s results ever, in contrast to declining sales throughout the industry, which was widely attributed to the economic downturn.

Giles also developed and executed a campaign for House of Hearing’s ‘Spring Clean’ event. The event, which encouraged hearing aid users to have their hearing aids cleaned and checked and their hearing retested. The fortnight long campaign generated £91,000 in sales (ROI of 2,000%), 20% of which was generated from new customers.


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